Watermelon Smiling on the Vine

Today is National Watermelon Day and while that may not roll off the tongue (insert food joke here)...watermelon is the perfect summer snack. It has anywhere from 8 to 25 health benefits. The most surprising? Studies suggest it can acts as a natural viagra. Even its seeds and rind are good for you. So whether (thank you picture above) you want to just grab a watermelon and take a bite, or you're inspired to create a contest-winning watermelon and goat cheese salad, there's a slew of fun and tasty treats for you to enjoy.  Another great idea? Consider making some fun "dippers"  as a ready snack for kids (or the kid at heart). Last but definitely not least, you can always wet your whistle in the form of a boozy watermelon-tinted lemonade. In the immortal words of Dave Matthews:

Well apples are sweet and peaches are good
Rabbits so very very fine
But give me oh give me
Oh how I wish you would
Some of that watermelon smiling on the vine


Alaethia Doctor