"Alaethia Doctor is the best acupuncturist I have ever encountered. She cured in one session what Western doctors had been puzzled about for three months. She has my highest recommendation."

- David Del Tredici

"I have had the privilege of Alaethia's care and expertise for many years, ranging from support for athletic endeavors, to asthma maintenance, to fertility.  While I could speak highly to any of those facets of her ability, the one dearest to me is the care I received during fertility treatments.  I have been pregnant five times, however I have only had two successful pregnancies, during both of which I was taking herbs prescribed by Alaethia, whereas during my three losses I was not.  

I do not know if we'll choose to try to add another child to our family, but I do know that if I do, it will not be without Alaethia's support.  I am eternally grateful for her compassion, professional demeanor and expert knowledge."
- AG

"Alaethia is a true healer! Her knowledge and experience is outstanding as is her gentle touch! She has changed my life for the positive in so many ways."   - Marcy, New York (June 2016)

"Alaethia is awesome! She is a skillful and intuitive healer of body and spirit, and her amazing and effective treatments have renewed and restored my health, energy, and peace of mind. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better fast, and attain lifelong optimum health."

- Mary Lynn Blanks, actress & writer, NYC (August 2016) 


"Alaethia is a skilled healer and among the most talented healthcare providers I've encountered in my 14 years as a patient of Eastern medicine. Whereas most practitioners use basic approaches to treat a limited scope of illness, Alaethia raises the bar to tackle complex health issues with innovative, thoughtful and highly effective treatments that integrate a broad variety of proven tools of Chinese medicine. Alaethia is also a skilled health communicator, patiently talking patients through the treatment process, answering questions like a teacher instead of a medical textbook, and building a partnership with her patients to improve their health together. I especially recommend her to those who have never experienced acupuncture or Eastern medicine more broadly; I've entrusted several "first timer" friends and colleagues to her care because of her incredible ability to guide even the most skeptical or scared individuals through the treatment process. As a public health consultant, perhaps the highest accolade I can give her is that despite living halfway across the country now, she remains my primary healthcare provider and I have entrusted my own health to her for more than three years."

- Nicole Kramer

In writing this recommendation, what I really want to say is:


But while that is true and has been my experience, I’m afraid you won’t believe me, so instead I will simply say:

I asked Alaethia at our first session how what style of acupuncture she practiced.   She said, "I studied all different kinds. Ultimately, I just studied with people whose patients got better," and threw me a huge smile. 

She wasn't kidding. After every one of my treatments, I immediately felt better and that feeling continues to last throughout the week. My anxiety is reduced, shoulder and back pain relieved, and my chronic neck pain went away after three sessions focused on it!

Alaethia is a healer. Beyond having extensive knowledge and training, she is an amazing listener, a generous practitioner, and an uplifting person. She treats the whole person. 

You couldn’t find a better, more committed, or more successful practitioner and I recommend her without any hesitation to all my friends and family.

- Hannah, New York (August 2016) 

Alaethia is an excellent practitioner. I booked my first appointments with her when I was 39 weeks pregnant. She made me feel comfortable and at ease.  Clearly an expert in her field and she explained/answered all questions I had. The earlier part of my pregnancy was difficult. My only regret is not booking sessions with Alaethia earlier. Upon receiving treatment from Alaethia I had more energy, felt physically more comfortable and vigorous than I had in months.  

Without hesitation  I recommend all pregnant woman to consider receiving acupuncture with her. It's an investment in their own wellbeing. 

-Lisa (Physician's Assistant), New York (March 2016)

I have gone to Alaethia numerous times for anything from sinus troubles, to general malaise, on up to severe shoulder problems. Every time I have been diagnosed adeptly and walked out with immediately noticeable results. Not only is her on hand treatment exemplary, she always follows up to ensure that the desired results have been achieved. I have and will continue to recommend her to all of my colleagues and friends for everything from massage work to acupuncture through to herbal medicine.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
- Alexis Finch, Chicago (November, 2015)

"I  have had a lot of body work, mostly from highly experienced and respected Chinese Medicine practitioners.  From the first treatment I had with Alaethia about two years ago, it was immediately clear that although she's young, she's very gifted.  So I switched to Alaethia full-time instead and refer everyone I know to her.  She has a simultaneous intuitive and intellectual understanding of my body.  Her treatments are specific to my constitution when I feel like other practitioners treated me formulaically.  She has a thorough understanding of herbs and takes time to discuss nutrition also.  I appreciate her specificity.  I see Alaethia for every kind of health problem I have from cold/flu to more chronic health issues.  Since I don't have health insurance, I basically use her as my primary care doctor too."             

-Yael, Chicago, IL (September 2014)