event options

Events can be customized with your needs in mind, but here are some examples of our most popular event types. Starts at $1,000.


Presentation: "Is Your Stress Getting Out of Hand?”

In this 30 to 45-minute session, we will explore some of the causes and types of stress, including how Chinese medicine understands the origin of stress. Moving from explanations to solutions, we arm participants with simple, actionable daily tips to lower their stress, from acupuncture to meditation, movement, apps, music and more! (Handouts with resources will be emailed to all attendees.) 

a taste of the east: ear acupuncture + a guided meditation

There are three to five points on the ear which are incredibly effective at lowering stress. In this seated demonstration, we will take groups of 10 and treat them to ear acupuncture. As soon as the needles are applied, we begin a guided meditation; this allows the body and mind to be truly stilled while we enter a parasympathetic state of relaxation. Participants are fully clothed, and no special tables are needed (chairs are fine), making it perfect for a work environment. All you need is a quiet room and an open mind!


health fairs

Wellpoints can join a health fair that your company is already hosting or put together a customized health fair based on your specific goals. We have close partnerships with experts in diet and nutrition, yoga, thai massage, qi gong, skin care, physical therapy, chiropractic and more.