Travel Light this Weekend

We all like to travel light, but even if you've earned your Packing Queen (or King) crown, mastered the art of minimalism (by finding outfits with maximum flexibility), and Still managed to look fly, you're not in the clear. If you're human (superheroes can skip to the next post) chances are you're lugging around a good proverbial 10 pounds of worry: Did I lock the door? Turn off the stove? Remember the sun screen? And where are those kids? Part of having (#cliché alert) fun in the sun is having less to worry about. So while it's not the season, take a page out of Santa's book and make a list, check it twice, and then...relax knowing that it's all under control! See the great check-list above and make your own version. #listicles #notjustforclickbait

Alaethia Doctor